A series of patients with inoperable, deep extra-abdominal aggressive fibromatosis, treated with combination of chemo-hormonal therapy. Therapy consisted of six cycles standard cvp regimen, followed by tamoxifen, 20 mg daily. Results: during 1995 to 2003, nine patients, concomitantly, without selection, were included in this investigation. Median age was 24, with predominantly male sex (6/9). Extremities, was the most frequent localization (5/9); chest wall in 3 and abdominal wall in one patient. lowest on viagra viagra and viagra Tumor size in most patients was 5-10 cm, and three patients had bulky disease (over 10 cm). Five patients underwent previous surgery, 3 wide excisions and 2 palliative interventions. Complete remission was observed in one patients, partial remission in four and stabilization of disease in four patients. In category of responders, median duration to onset of response was 10 months (range 4-14); median response duration was 20+ months. Until now, no relapse of disease was observed. Conclusions: systemic treatment should be considered in patients with aggressive fibromatosis for whom local treatment approaches are primary not possible or have failed. viagra generic All patients should be included in clinical trials.   associated presentation(s):      no items found.   other abstracts in this sub-category:      1. viagra without prescription Randomized phase ii study of trabectedin (et-743) given by two different dosing schedules in patients (pts) with leiomyosarcomas (lms) or liposarcomas (lps) refractory to conventional doxorubicin and ifosfamide chemotherapy. Meeting: 2004 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 9000   first author: b. L. Samuels category: sarcoma      2. cheap viagra online Imatinib mesylate in soft tissue and bone sarcomas: interim results of a sarcoma alliance for research thru collaboration (sarc) phase ii trial. Meeting: 2004 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 9001   first author: r. Chugh category: sarcoma      3. The effect of the pi3k/akt pathway inhibition on leiomyosarcoma cells. Meeting: 2004 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 9002   first author: g. Z. viagra goes generic D'amato category: sarcoma      more...   abstracts by z. cheap generic viagra M. viagra wholesalers Tomasevic:      1. Comparison of hormone receptor and her2 status in resected brain metastases and primary breast cancer. generic viagra overnight delivery Meeting: 2010 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 1117   first author: z. pills like viagra over the counter Tomasevic category: breast cancer - metastatic breast cancer - metastatic breast cancer      2. Her2 status of breast carcinoma developed as a seconda. viagra price comparison - walmart Contact:

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